Why Choose an Interior Designer?

A great way to start is to talk about the role of an interior designer and explain why it is necessary to hire one to make your home perfect.

Designers listen to you, analyze, and make it real. One must first understand that being an interior designer does not mean being a simple decorator. Many mix the two, while it's completely wrong. There are two ways to become an interior designer:

A decorator, meanwhile, may have completed a diploma of college studies in interior design, or can even have this title without having precise studies, which is far from being the case with designers. Make sure you know the baggage of the professionals you hire since it could make a big difference to the quality of the work delivered!

Designers Listen

Some people are sometimes rather shy about the idea of ​​using a designer's services. Designers are here to help you and fulfill your needs and wildest dreams while respecting your budget. The price? It varies according to what help you need. The first meeting with a professional doesn't require anything except acquainting with your assistant and sharing your ideas. Then, experts send you an estimate of their fees for your entire project, and it is only when everything is accepted that designers start working on your spaces. So, don't be afraid and cooperate with designers! They can help you make your interior more comfortable by adapting it to your lifestyle.

Designers Analyze

The first stage of interior designer assistance is listening to the client objectively and without prejudices. All the concentration is put on the customer to understand their needs better and adapt the provided services to the appropriate lifestyle. After the first meeting, designers analyze your requirements to create spaces that look like you while offering innovative solutions to your development problems. Designers ensure that your budget is used wisely in every decision. Professionals analyze every little detail, and that's what makes the difference in the result's quality.

Designers Conceive

During their education, designers take courses in: Construction

They also have intensive courses spread over several years to learn how to use and master computer software that quickly becomes their best allies in all their projects.

Throughout this journey, designers are becoming qualified people to help you completely rethink your interior so that each space is optimized and convenient. Their technical knowledge allows them to exploit the structure of your building, both inside and out. Designers have all the knowledge needed to plan tailor-made projects for each client. These professionals are full of creativity, and they want to share it with you!

Designers Realize

If you wish, designers will even realize your project in partnership with all the necessary trades. They make the calls for tenders, coordinate the construction site, respect your schedule and your budget, in particular. Designers give you a turnkey project. What motivates them is your reaction to the finished work!

Designers Find Best Quality/Price

Many of you don't know, but designers spend a lot of time browsing the shops, meeting suppliers, and discovering new materials. That's why designers are experts at finding you the best quality/price products. Besides, they can even take advantage of discounts in various stores, which sometimes allows you to get an item that you didn't think you could buy.

Good Taste Isn't a Study

Some people think that design studies consist of learning how to position frames or how to choose cushions, but this is far from being the case. Unfortunately, good taste is impossible to learn, and it isn't a study. So, before hiring a designer, see their achievements, portfolios, the ability to be versatile regardless of style. Designers are here to challenge you and get you out of your comfort zone to surprise you!