Chicago — Best Places to Stay

Chicago is a beautiful city, to say the least, it is a real surprise for those who go there the first time! As most of the big US metropolises, Chicago has a somewhat difficult periphery, which means that it is advisable to stay in the most refined central districts, which naturally increases costs. Hotels are expensive (on average) in all seasons, also because Chicago, also known as "The Windy City" is the destination of many businessmen who know no vacation.

First of all, it means that it is good to think about hotel booking in advance! Thanks to the modern offers available online, you can book the accommodation well in advance with taking advantage of (for the facilities in which it is available) the "Pay later" or "Free cancellation" option that allows you to stop the booking without paying a penny or have the possibility to cancel the reservation (each structure has its own rules regarding this issue).

Where Do You Stay in Chicago?

The best neighborhoods we name are the more central ones, namely the Loop and those nearby. Always bear in mind that the city doesn't have an extensive and widespread subway like that of New York, so we suggest to prefer central transport.

The Loop

It is one of the best places to stay, especially if we talk about the North Loop, where the greatest number of metro stops are concentrated and you have a good number of attractions to visit. To make it to the districts that are more to the north or south, you can take the underground, bus, or taxi. South Loop is more out of the way, it can be cheaper and a good base if you are looking for museums and the lake.

River North

The best compromise, an excellent area from every point of view. It is beautiful, modern, and more alive in the evening than the Loop, which is considered a business area. It is located in the north of the Chicago River.

Near North & Navy Pier

Another top area with many international chain hotels that are always crowded and sometimes a bit noisy. Near North is much better than Navy Pier, which is a bit more isolated as a neighborhood, if talking about transportation.

Gold Coast

Although it's connected to the Loop not as well as the aforementioned neighborhoods, Gold Coast is the chic district of Chicago. Here, the wealth of society stays, and the hotels are definitely more expensive. It has a decidedly more intimate atmosphere, the structures are smaller and often located in historic buildings. If you have money to spend and don't mind getting around by taxi, this option may be perfect for you.

The other areas are a bit more decentralized. Lincoln Park, Old Town, Wicker Park, Bucktown — they are solutions to be taken into consideration by those who want to live a little less immersed in the crowds, those looking for something more authentic. Of course, the price to pay, and you are traveling far, that takes time and money. Same goes for Hyde Park and South Side, which perhaps are even more distant locations.