How to Decorate Small Bathrooms from 3 to 5m2

Decorating a small bathroom so that it looks new with little money is based on two principles: the first, intelligently take advantage of every inch so that it looks tidy without appearing crowded and, the second, fooling the eye — light colors, good lighting, and mirrors will make you perceive space where there is none.

Do you have a bathtub and want a shower? Don't you use the bidet? We leave you some ideas to design a small bathroom.

  1. The first tip is basic, but it works: By repainting the walls in the white or other light colors, you can get an unexpected luminosity. Similarly, if you change the bathroom tiles, choose the large and clear. You will succeed.
  2. Do you have a single window? Place a transparent screen there. You will not only get light but increase the feeling of space. You can get the same effect with a transparent plastic curtain.
  3. Choose one or two colors that combine well with each other and try to unify all the accessories: towels, shower mat, soap dish, plant pot, etc. Light tones, for example, combine very well with wood (white and brown).
  4. Find a corner to place a glass with a cinnamon or lavender sprig. It will not only give you a touch of simplicity but can also serve as an air freshener.
  5. Mirrors enlarge the space, and what's more, can hide large storage behind! Or, you can place it over the sink and store your creams, soaps, makeup, etc.
  6. Take advantage of the space under the sink to store towels. You can put a shelf there too.
  7. Choose furniture and sanitary ware that does not touch the floor. You will clean the floor easily and gain a feeling of spaciousness.

Decorate Small Bathroom with Low Budget

It is not necessary to invest a lot of money for a spectacular change in a small bathroom, and you can transform a bathroom without doing much work.

Think about the accessories you have in sight — the glass for toothbrushes, soap, towels, the curtain. List what is old or doesn't combine with each other. Changing everything will cost you less than 100 dollars, and you will notice the results immediately.

Decorate a Small Bathroom without a Window

There are more and more bathrooms that are designed without a window. Don't worry — there are ways to make the space stop looking claustrophobic.

Decorate a Small Simple Bathroom

One of the trends today is to decorate the bathrooms (although they are small) in a simple style. Do you dream about it? We'll give you the decoration keys so that you get the most modern and functional design.

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Make your bathroom perfect with these simple tips!