How Does an Apartment Become a Home

You like your home, but somehow it is always a bit more comfortable while visiting the others? Maybe you already know these 12 basic tricks that make a home a real home? It isn't rocket science — just the interplay of some magic: even if you change only a few basics, a complete sense of home can become different.

Color likes to Repeat Itself

Usually, two to three tones dominate in the room. The trick is to maintain this color scheme and give the room more momentum: pick up the tones in the decoration while playing with shades of color. It creates connections between the objects in the room; everything seems to be lively.

Textiles Create Variety and Coziness

A simple way to brighten your own home is adding pillows, curtains, and carpets. They not only bring warmth and homeliness. You can easily swap them for pleasure, feel of the season, and fashion — or, try out a wild pattern and color mix.

Odd Numbers Look Better

A simple principle with significant effect: Arrange three, five, or seven things rather than forming sets of two or four — these numbers are more harmonious for the human eye. For example, put three vases grouped together and play with different sizes and shapes.

Walls are There to Decorate

Art is what you make of it. Photographs, children's pictures, paintings, or postcards — all these items can be hung on the wall. Images make your room a personal place. Don't hang the pictures randomly or sporadically, but group the works — for example en masse as with The State Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg.

Memories Deserve a Place of Honor

Whether holiday souvenirs, an old heirloom, wedding accessories or family photos — personal and favorite pieces have earned a place of honor. The beautiful memories and the positive feelings that are awakened should be prominently placed in the apartment. These are the pieces of your life and soul.

A Room Has a Center

Not everything has to be pushed to the wall! For example, just pull the couch away from the wall or form a small island in the room. It can do wonders and give the room an optical center. A sofa or a low table can also serve as a room divider to create different areas.

Investing is Worthwhile

This rule of thumb applies to experts. You spend money, but you get a lot of expert opinions, professional ideas, and a great and secure result. Also, you are safe from expensive mistakes.

Books in the Digital Age

Clothes make people — and books make a home. Even despite e-readers. Instead of putting them away all over the house, prefer to put them in a large bookcase in the living room or the hallway. It looks impressive, tidy, and gives the room a cozy atmosphere.

Tip: Do not hesitate to leave gaps, arrange folios, sort books for colors, or put a vase in between. It is how the book wall can look like a work of art.

Attraction of Opposites

Contrasts create tension and attention. Only the combination of something different makes an image special — that is what fashion magazines teach us about the interior. For example, mix something new and old (like the Louis Ghost Chair on the farm table above), dark and light, expensive and cheap. Or, combine simple things with a blast, like the neon pink stool in this kitchen.

Light is Not Just for Vision

Do you feel uncomfortable in doctors' offices? That is not only because of the ailing side seat but also because of the bright lighting. Beautiful light is essential for home and cozy atmosphere. Whether it is in the living room, in the kitchen or the bathroom, instead of a large ceiling lamp, it is better to set up several small lights. It divides the space into individual areas and makes it look more comfortable. Besides, good lights can be turned eye-catching.

Order is Half the Life

This motto is (unfortunately) merely right. For what use are the most beautiful design, the most colorful cushions, and the most creative vase arrangement, when everything has disappeared under a mountain of bric-a-brac? Throw away what is no longer neat, clear the laundry, or at least put the blanket on the couch.

Living Happiness is for the Bravest

Be bold — and do everything you find appropriate for your own comfortable space you always want to return to.

Experiment, try out the unusual things and do everything for your heart's content. Here, you can not go wrong. Because newly decorated, painted, and replaced furniture is actually so easy to do. And that's what it's all about — you have to like your apartment.